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Why self-publish with Book Republic?

E-book publishing, although less complex and complicated a process, has its own challenges and could still prove difficult especially for first-time authors. With our industry know-how and specialization, we do all the legwork and help you realize your publishing goal.

Self-publish your e-book with Book Republic
  • Skilled roster of publishing professionals

    We pride as a team of diverse professionals with respective areas of expertise. We work in synergy to make your self-publishing experience as seamless as possible and to make your book finally happen.

  • Quick turnaround

    No fuss, no muss. Just your manuscript—a must!
    You only need to submit your book, give us your specifications, and we will work on your e-book and get it published in no time.

  • Multiple formats

    Depending on your needs and target readers, we can publish your e-book in multiple formats to be compatible with all major e-book readers—e.g, Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Amazon Kindle—tablets, smartphones, and virtually every available e-book device.

  • You get 80% of the commissions for your eBooks

    You commission us your book for publishing, but you keep 80% of the royalties for every book sale.

  • Full control of your book rights

    A key advantage of self-publishing is that authors keep full control of their book rights. By publishing with us, your book’s intellectual property is always yours for the taking.

  • Full eBook marketing services

    Book Republic offers a wide suite of marketing services and online retail options. With our extensive network and global distribution channels, we can promote and sell your e-book in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Self-publish your e-book with Book Republic

The era of self-publishing has given writers, who aspire to be published, an alternative route to book publishing. Even more so with the rise of e-book publishing as digitalization becomes mainstream in the publishing industry. E-book publishing can be a writer’s baby steps, especially those new to self-publishing; an initial approach before committing to a more challenging full-scale publication.

We, at Book Republic, can be your partner in your e-book publishing endeavor. We are a newly launched e-book publishing company; however, we are not new in self-publishing. We are a team with yearslong experience and expertise of the inner workings of the publishing industry.