If you are planning on writing a fantasy novel of your own, you should make sure that it contains all the elements that make up a great fantasy novel. Remember that there are a lot of fantasy novels out there, and you will have to write a truly noteworthy fantasy novel to stand out. Here are seven elements that every fantasy novel needs.

  • A great cast of characters

When it comes to creating a great fantasy novel, one of the most important elements you will need to take into account is your cast of characters. Remember that your readers will see your fantasy novel through your character’s eyes. As a rule, you should make your cast of characters as unique as possible.

This is especially important when it comes to writing your main character. The main character is the focal point of the story, and must be likeable and interesting. When you write your main character you should think outside of the box. Don’t rely on old character tropes. Try to come up with a main character that will capture your reader’s attention.

  • Immersive settings

If you are going to write a fantasy novel, you should make sure that you create immersive settings for your story. Remember that a fantasy novel is supposed to be set in a fantastical world. So you should make sure to create a world for all your characters and fantastical creatures to inhabit. Be as detailed as possible. If possible, you could even create a map so that your readers could keep track of all the places in your story.

  • A great magic system

Magic is a constant in fantasy novels. It should be a constant part of your characters' lives. However, if the magic in your world does not have a set system, then it will just feel random. Take the time to explain the origins of your world’s magic system, and how it actually works. By doing so, you will be able to create a system for your story’s magic. This will enable your readers to get more immersed in your fantasy novel.

  • Interesting creatures

Aside from your cast of characters, it is important that you create interesting creatures to inhabit your world. This is a fun part of writing a fantasy novel because you get to come up with all sorts of creatures for your work. When you write the creatures for your fantasy world, you could create an original creature, or you could base it on a creature from a specific mythology.

  • Language

If you take a look at iconic fantasy novels such as The Lord of the Rings book series you will notice that the authors have created entire languages for their characters to use. For your fantasy novel, you are not required to create a language, but it is advised because it will help you give your fantasy world a more complex and layered feel.

  • Histories and cultures

The history and culture in your fantasy novel are also very important elements. Your fantasy novel must have histories and cultures, because you are creating entire worlds. If you create a world that has no histories and cultures, then it will just feel barren. By filling your fantasy novel with histories and cultures, you will be able to create a vibrant world that readers will visit for years to come.

  • A great villain

Aside from creating a great cast of characters, it is also important that you come up with a memorable villain for your fantasy novel. Remember that the villain is the main source of conflict in the story. When you write your villain, you could go with the more traditional fantasy villain.

This kind of villain is usually all-powerful and commands entire armies of evil warriors. On the other hand, you could also go the other way, and make a villain that is likeable and does evil deeds through schemes and underhanded means. You could come up with any kind of villain that you want. What’s important is that the villain is original and captivating.


When it comes to writing a great fantasy novel of your own, it is important that you infuse the right elements into your story. Remember that there are a lot of fantasy novels out there. By instilling these elements into your fantasy novel, you’ll be able to create a great fantasy novel of your own.