The act of publishing a book is a scary thought for many writers, especially new ones. There are so many things to consider. You need to get a publishing house to sign your manuscript, and you will have to give up a good deal of control of your book. Why not try to publish an eBook? It is more efficient, and you could still earn a good deal of money. You also won’t have to deal with a publisher and give up the rights to your work.

If you are thinking of publishing an eBook, it is important that you know which genre is the most lucrative. Publishing and selling eBooks is a lot cheaper than publishing a hardcover version. However, it will still take a lot of work in order to publish a book. You should make sure that you choose the right genre when writing. You should know what eBook sells best. Here are some of the best and most lucrative eBook genres to write in.

  • Fantasy 

If you want your eBook to sell well, you will never go wrong with the fantasy genre. Movies and TV series often use fantasy books as sources.  If you are going to write an eBook, then the fantasy genre is always worth a try.

Just make sure that your concept is truly unique. Remember that there are already a multitude of fantasy books out there, so yours should truly stand out. Marketing is also key when it comes to this genre. The more effective your marketing, the more effectively you will be able to reach potential fans.

  • Picture books

While a majority of people buy picture books as a kind of coffee table book, the picture book genre is still a good choice for an eBook. However, you should make sure that the pictures you use are of the best quality possible.

Remember that a majority of buyers will already have a kind of bias towards your book because they always equate a picture book with a physical one. As a rule, all the pictures in your book must be unquestionably striking and catch potential reader’s eyes.

  • Young adult 

The young adult genre has always been one of the most lucrative genres available. If you take a look at the Harry Potter book series, it is in the young adult genre, and it is one of the best-selling books in the world. If you are going to write a young adult book, it is important that you cover concepts that are not too mature, but not too childish either. Think of it as toeing the line between adulthood and childhood. 

  • Biographies 

This book genre is always worth writing, because the lives of famous people are always an easy sell. However, even if the person you are writing about is not particularly famous, you could still write a great biography. What’s important is that you do your research meticulously and write the biography in a way that it captures your reader’s attention. It is also important that you have your subject’s permission before you write the biography.

  • Children’s books

If there is one genre that you should publish in eBook form, it is the children’s book genre. Parents will always want to buy books that will help their kids learn new skill and fast track their developments.  

You should remember that children will be the main readers of your work, so it is important that your illustrations are vibrant and well-drawn. You should also make sure that they are easy to purchase. Remember that parents are already busy, so if it is tricky to buy your book, they may choose not to instead.

  • Graphic novel

When it comes to publishing a graphic novel, it is always a good idea to publish it in eBook form. This is because publishing physical copies of graphic novels could cost a good deal of money.

Unlike the normal printed books, graphic novels usually use up a lot of ink and paint. On the other hand, if you publish your graphic novel in eBook form, you will be able to save a good deal of money. You will also be able to sell to people who don’t have access to a bookstore in their area.

  • Self-help 

The self-help genre has always been very popular. A majority of people are always ready to read content that will help them improve as people. If you are going to publish a self-help book in eBook form, it is important that you make your eBook as well-formatted as possible.

It should be easy to read, and could be used on various platforms. Remember that a majority of people often read self-help books in their down-time. They read them on the subway when they are going home or when they have a few minutes to spare. Write your book in a way that it is easy for readers to consume.


When it comes to writing and self-publishing an eBook, it is important that you choose the right genre. Remember that writing a book is a taxing endeavor. If you are going to put in this much work, you should at least choose a genre that is sure to sell. With this article, you’ll know which book genre is best to write in.