If you are going to publish and market an eBook of your very own, it is important that you know how to promote it the right way. Remember that eBooks are not like physical books. They are in digital form. This means that you won’t be able to promote it through traditional means. As a rule, you should have a different strategy. Here are some great tips on how to promote an eBook the right way.

  • Set up a great online platform

Before you start promoting your eBook, it is important that you have an online platform. Remember that the more efficient your online platform is, the easier it will be for potential fans to find it.

A great online platform for your eBook, is an author blog. An author blog is an online platform that holds all your writing content. Aside from your content, it is also important that your online platform has an online bookstore. It is through your online bookstore that your potential readers will buy your works. As a rule, it is important that readers can purchase your eBook through your online book store. While your book should also be available through other online retailers, having your eBook available through your own online bookstore will double its chances of getting sold.

  • Make freebies a part of your campaign

It is human nature to want free stuff, and if you want your eBook to be promoted the right way, you should make sure that you use freebies the right way. Luckily, freebies don’t need to be too expensive. Your freebies could be anything. They could be as cheap as giving away bookmarkers at book conventions, or as pricey as a free eBook.

The best way to use freebies, is to run an online contest, and the winner will get the freebie. This will create a sense of anticipation, and have potential readers value your eBook. You could also offer freebies whenever someone purchases your eBook. Overall, the main purpose of the freebie is to get your potential readers hyped up to buy your eBook.

  • Your eBook cover is key

Aside from formatting your eBook the right way, you should also make sure that your eBook cover is attractive. Remember that your potential readers will gauge whether to buy your eBook or not. If your eBook cover is not attractive, there is a chance that your potential readers will just disregard it entirely.

Hiring a book cover designer could be expensive, because they are highly skilled at their work. You could try designing the eBook cover yourself, however, there is a chance that your eBook cover will turn out subpar, and you won’t make an impact with potential readers. Overall, you should invest in a skilled eBook cover designer.

  • Choose the right price for your eBook

Choosing the right price for your eBook could be quite difficult, because eBooks are usually a lot cheaper compared to physical books. When it comes to the most common and efficient price for eBooks, though, it is best to stick to the $3.99 range. With this price, you will still get a profit, and the readers won’t feel that the book price is too high.

  • Social media marketing is a must

A very important aspect of eBook promotion is social media. Remember that a majority of businesses use social media to market their books. If your social media marketing is lacking, you may find yourself struggling in the long run.

As you promote your eBook through social media, you should make sure that you use the most efficient and popular social media platforms available. Here are some great social media platforms that you should use.

  • Facebook

This social media platform is still considered the most widely used in the world. Set up a Facebook page, and provide links to your author blog. You could also post examples of your work through your page. You could also post ads about your eBook through Facebook.

  • Instagram

This social media platform is very video and image-centric. The best way to utilize this platform is to post pictures of your eBook cover and excerpts from your eBook. You may also post other content such as snippets from poems or short articles you wrote.  Videos and pictures of your life as a writer are also great content to post.

  • Twitter

With this social media platform, your main aim is to tweet about your eBook on a regular basis. The tweets must be short and snappy. You could also tweet excerpts of your eBook. These excerpts will act as teasers to get potential readers hyped about your eBook.

  • Don’t give up

If you want to truly succeed in selling your eBook, it is important that you never give up. To actually promote a book is difficult because you have a lot of competition. If your motivation is not strong enough, you will not be able to make an impact on potential readers.

As a rule, you should steel yourself against rejection. There will be times where you will feel that all your hard work is useless. Remember though that every writer goes through these challenges, and it is how you face these obstacles that will determine whether you fail or succeed.


When it comes to promoting an eBook, it is important to you remember that it is not a traditional book. It does not have a physical form, so you will need to promote it differently. With these tips, you’ll be able to promote your eBook in the most effective way possible.