If you are thinking of self-publishing a book for the very first time, you could consider self-publishing an eBook for a start. An eBook is a digital book that is specially made for electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, Kindles, and phones. 

There are many advantages to self-publishing your book in eBook format. However, before you do self-publish your eBook, you should know everything there is to know about it. You should also know where to start. 

This article is devoted to showing you all there is to know about eBooks and how to self-publish one the right way.

How to Write an eBook 

When it comes to writing an eBook, the process is technically the same. There is really not much difference between writing an eBook and a printed one except for the final product. 

The eBook is in digital form, and the printed book is a physical copy. If you are going to write a manuscript (for both your eBook and printed one), you should take your time with it. The worst thing you could do is to rush the process. 

Have your manuscript checked out by a professional editor, and double-check every aspect before you finally have it published.

How to Publish an eBook

As it was stated earlier, the key difference between publishing an eBook and a physical one is that the eBook is meant to be published in a digital form. This means you will no longer have to spend on materials and having a publishing company print out physical copies of your book. 

You could just write your manuscript, have it edited, and then convert it to multiple formats. Your eBook should be formatted to multiple formats because it will cater to the various digital markets. 

You could self-publish the eBook yourself; however, if you are a bit apprehensive and don’t know where to start, you could approach a self-publishing company to help you. These companies are very efficient and could make the publishing process a lot easier and tailored to fit your preferences.

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Benefits of publishing an eBook

  • Quicker publishing rate

One of the biggest advantages of publishing in an eBook form is that you could publish your eBook within a couple of hours. As eBooks no longer need to be published in physical form, this means that once your eBook is formatted in various digital formats, you could release it through various online platforms.

  • Cheaper publishing costs

If you want to self-publish a book without spending a fortune, you should publish it in eBook form. Publishing a physical copy entails you paying for the ink, paper, and energy used to actually print the book. 

By publishing in the eBook form, you will no longer need to spend on these materials. You could just publish the book in digital form. This is a great option for a majority of writers because most writers don’t really have the money to spend on publishing materials.

  • No need to spend on storage space

One of the best things about publishing in the eBook format is that you no longer need to spend on storage space. If you are going to publish in physical form, you will need to print out some copies in order to sell to a physical retailer. 

This means you will need safe storage to keep all your copies until such time they will be sold. By publishing an eBook, you will no longer have to spend on storage. This will save you a lot of money on logistics in the long run.

  • eBooks are easier for your customers to buy

A key benefit of publishing in the eBook format is the fact that readers could buy your eBooks a lot easier. You could just distribute your eBooks through established platforms. 

You no longer need to reach out to traditional bookshops just to sell your books. You could just sell your eBooks through online retailers and even through your website’s online bookshop. 

This is a game-changer when it comes to book marketing because your potential clients will not have to go all the way to bookstores and other physical retailers. They could just purchase your book from your online platforms.

How to Sell your Ebook Online

Since everybody is on social media these days, it is not that difficult to put your eBook out there. However, if you want to sell it in the most effective way possible, you will need to be able to use the right platforms and the right online tools. 

Here are some great ways you could sell your book online.

  • Promote your eBook extensively

If you want to sell your eBook, it is important that you promote it as effectively as possible. Remember that you are just starting out, so there is very little chance that readers will have heard of you. 

You should take the necessary steps to market your eBook extensively. You could do this through various social media platforms. 

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the most potent platforms you could market your book through. These social media platforms have various tools such as hashtags to help launch your book to the Internet world.

  • Set up a great website

Almost everything and everyone has a website for the stuff they sell, but it is important that you have an efficient website. It is through your website that you will conduct most of your marketing. 

Your website could also act as the main online store for your eBooks. It is also a great platform from where you could coordinate all your other marketing campaigns on various social media platforms.

  • Keep track of your eBook sales

Once you have released your eBook, you should make an effort to keep track of your eBook sales. It is not only a way for you to keep track of your earnings, it is also a way for you to gauge whether your book marketing strategy works. 

If you want to keep track of all your eBook sales, all you need to do is download an eBook tracker. These applications are extremely efficient and accurate and can help you keep tabs on your book sales.

If you are just starting out as a writer and you want to self-publish your book, you should have a set strategy. Remember that self-publishing an eBook might not be as costly or work-intensive as a printed one; however, you will still need to be informed on the publishing method as a whole. 

We hope these tips were helpful in self-publishing your ebook.