6 Effective Tips to Come up with Great Book Ideas!

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If you are thinking of writing a book of your very own, you will need to come up with a unique book idea. This is because there are a multitude of books coming out of the woodwork. And if you don’t come up with something that is truly unique and interesting your book will ultimately be swept away in the tumult of new books. So before you set off and publish your very own book, you should really come up with a book idea that will sweep everyone off their feet. Here are 6 Effective tips to come up with truly great book ideas.

  1. Read about myths and urban legends

If you are looking for a great book idea, then your first step should be to read about myths and urban legends. This is because these stories have captivated humanity for centuries. And no matter how old these stories are they always have the ability to entertain and enchant readers. And seeing as almost every culture has a myth or urban legend of its own, you will have an endless supply of stories. So do your research and find out interesting facts on various myths. Ask around your area or read old newspapers, you might find an urban legend that can serve as the core of your next story.

  1. Use your own life experiences as inspiration

Aside from myths and legends, yet another source that you can draw from are your own life experiences. You can use memorable aspects of your life to fuel your creativity and come up with a truly great book idea. These experiences can be literally anything. It can be the bloom of first love, the loss of a friend or a traumatic experience. These experiences are an immensely potent source of inspiration and can add a great deal of poignancy and realism into your writing.

  1. Use events in history as inspiration


great book ideas - writing about history

History has always been a potent source of book ideas. And it’s easy to understand why. History is the story of the human race. It is a collective record of everything that humanity has ever accomplished as a race. So it stands to reason why you should use it as a source of inspiration. In truth, a myriad of well-known authors have used historical events to add color and texture into their work. So do your research and pick an event in human history that you are interested in. Your book can be about the fall of Rome, The Crusades, the Great Depression or the Second World War. That’s just the beauty of writing about history. The possibilities are just endless.

  1. Steer clear of clichés and trends

If you want to make an impact with readers you should really steer clear of clichés and trends. This is because clichés and trends are fleeting and readers are usually sick and tired of them. So if you want to keep your credibility as a writer don’t look to what’s already tried and tested. Instead, you should forge your own path and create a truly interesting book idea of your very own. This will show readers that you respect your craft and that you are willing to work hard to come up with an original idea of your own.

  1. Write about social issues


book ideas - writing about social issues

Yet another great and immersive topic that you can draw book ideas from are social issues. This is because social issues affect a majority of people all over the world. And most people would usually be very interested in reading about them. It is a great way to illuminate people on important social issues and to stop ignorance and bigotry from spreading. But be reminded though that social issues are very touchy subjects and there are always two sides of the coin when you write about them. So you should always be as sensitive and careful as possible. You should also do your research properly and be prepared with the necessary facts to back up what you write.

  1. Don’t be afraid to take risks 

Being a writer is a risk in its own way. This is because there is really no guarantee that your book will be a success. There are so many factors that can derail your journey as a writer. Which is why there is really no point in being tentative when it comes to coming up with book ideas. Instead, you should be courageous. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Take that leap of faith and never limit yourself. In truth, the great writers of the past also took risks. So take a page from their book and take a risk with your writing.