6 Highly Effective Ways to Stay Motivated as a Writer!

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Being a writer can be quite a fun and immersive job. But it can get a bit monotonous in the long run. This is especially true if you are working on a long term writing project such as writing a book. In truth, losing your motivation to write can be harmful to your writing career because it can lead you to developing writer’s block or losing interest in writing altogether. So before you even think of writing professionally, you should steel yourself and know the tricks on how stay motivated. Here are 6 highly effective ways to stay motivated as a writer.

  1. Have set goals

Like any vocation, being a writer can be quite a challenge. There will be times where you will doubt yourself and your skills as a writer. You can get a bad review, not get a publishing deal or just have a very stressful writing session. All of these can happen to you, and they can make you doubt your calling as a writer. Which is why you should set your goals as early possible. Before you even set out on becoming an author, you should already know what you are striving for. These goals will be your bulwark against the obstacles that will come your way during the writing process and help you to fully reach your potential.


  1. Read every day


highly effective ways to stay motivated as a writer


One way to motivate yourself to write is to read on a daily basis. To be a writer, you will need to be a wide reader. This is because the more you read, the more writing styles and authors you will come in contact with. Reading something new every day will also allow you to expand your perceptions on literature and help you get even more inspired to write.


  1. Exercise

One of the setbacks of being a writer, is that you will usually spend most of your time sitting down. In many ways this is a professional hazard because the more time you sit down, the less exercise you will get. And the less exercise you get, the more likely you will gain weight and develop diseases like Hypertension and Diabetes in the process. Being overweight can also affect you mentally and emotionally, and can lead to feelings of lethargy and depression. So it stands to reason that you follow an exercise regimen. The exercise will allow you to not only lose weight, it will also help you keep a happy disposition. All in all, exercise is a must if you want to stay motivated.


  1. Join a writing community

Being a writer can get lonely in long run. Which is why, it is always a good idea to join an online writing community. By joining an online writing community, you will not only be exposed to fellow writers, you can also get great writing advice from more experienced writers. There are a myriad of online writing communities in the internet. And most of them are made up of writers like yourself. Most of these writers are as passionate and knowledgeable about writing as you. Writing communities are also great sources of support and can even serve as your very first fan base, once you release a book of your very own. All in all, joining a writing community is a great way to stay motivated throughout your journey as a writer.


  1. Try out meditation


how to stay motivated as a writer - try out meditation


The writing process can get quite chaotic and stressful, and it can get difficult to motivate yourself to write if you are stressed all the time. Which is why you should try meditating. Meditation has been used in Eastern cultures as a means of gaining enlightenment and inner peace. So it stands to reason that you should try it out as well. Meditation in truth, is quite easy. All you really need is a quiet place and a few minutes. By meditating regularly, you will be able to quiet your mind and ease your anxieties. Meditation can also give you a more insightful look on your work and open new doors of creativity for you. All in all, mediation is a great addition to your daily writing routine.


  1. Stay optimistic

As it was stated earlier, the writing process can get difficult. And if you don’t have the proper mindset, you would most likely lose interest in writing altogether. Which is why you should develop an optimistic outlook on writing. Don’t entertain pessimistic and self-defeating thoughts. Remember that the great writers of the past did not start out successful. They had to work hard and continuously believe in themselves. So if you want to succeed as a writer, you should take a feather from their cap and cultivate an optimistic mindset at the same time.