Black & White Publishing

With Book Republic’s Black & White publishing packages you can now have your book published in paperback, hardcover and eBook format. You will also be given the chance to choose from six publishing packages that will fit all your publishing needs. With these great publishing packages to choose from you will be fully equipped to take your book publishing to the next level


The Axum package is Book Republic’s most basic and affordable publishing package. With the Axum Package you will be able to publish your book in the softcover and eBook format. The publishing package covers the most basic of your publishing needs and can be supplemented with add on services should the need arise.

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The Arward package is a publishing package that offers a great deal more than the basic Axum package. With the Arward publishing package you will still be able to publish in the softcover and eBook format. The package includes additions such as an increase in complimentary book copies, bookmarks, business cards and a book returnability feature.

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The Ankara package is a highly versatile publishing package that not only offers the basic publishing services but also a number of handy add-ons as well. With this package you are now given the chance to publish your book in not only softcover and e-Book form, but also hardcover form as well. The package also includes very helpful publicity services that will help spread word of your book.

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With the Amalfi package you will be given a full panoply of great services. You will also get the chance to publish your book in all formats. Not only that you will also get great publicity services to help increase your book’s reputation. All in all the package has a full set of services that will complement the book publishing process at every turn.

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The Althing publishing package is a full complement of great services that will allow you to truly excel in the publishing process. Not only are you given all the basic publishing services you will also receive a myriad of features that will totally expand your book publishing horizons. The Althing package is a truly impressive collection of book publishing services.

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This publishing package is the whole collection. This package is the most expensive and complete package that the Black and White Packages can offer. With the Amerino package you will get the full treatment and have the best services at your disposal. From the book publishing process to the publicity phase you will receive all the help you need to succeed.

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