Premium Color Publishing

With the Premium Color Publishing package you are now given the chance to create great illustrated books. The package contains a myriad of great services that will totally complement all your publishing needs. Whether you are writing a graphic novel, children’s book or any book that needs well-made illustrations and graphic design this publishing package is a truly great option. By choosing the Premium Color Publishing package you will be given five great publishing packages to choose from. Each package was created to fit a specific need or budget and is a must for any author. All in all the Premium Color Publishing Package is great way to ensure your book publishing success.


The Axum Premium color package is the most basic package available. It has all of the basic services such as book cover design and book registration services. With this package you are given the most basic services to publish your very own full color book, whether it is a graphic novel or children’s book.

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The Arwad publishing package offers more services compared to the more basic Axum. With the Arwad package you will be given features that will make the publishing process so much easier. The package also provides you with a book returnability feature and a minimum of 80 images that can be enhanced according to your preference.

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The Ankara publishing package is the jack of all trades of the publishing packages. It has all of the basic publishing services and a variety of services that will allow you to achieve your publishing goals. The package also boasts of great book publicity services that will help you spread word of your book.

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The Amalfi publishing package boasts of a variety of services that will make the book publishing process more efficient. Aside from the basic services you will also have access to illustration services that will make your book so much more attractive to readers. All in all, this service is a great way to ensure your publishing success.

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The Althing package is the most complete Premium color package there is. It is the most expensive service for a reason. It sports a full panoply of services that will not only make the publishing process so much easier but also a joy to witness. This package is a must for any serious author.

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Just when you thought Book Republic can’t make a more complete book publishing package, the company releases the Amerino Premium Color Publishing package. With this publishing package, authors are now given everything they need to publish a book and more. The Amerino is the top of the line book package and is a masterful way to start your book publishing career.

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