6 Reasons to Self-Publish a Book of Your Very Own!

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If you are thinking of publishing a book of your very own, your two most viable choices are traditional and self-publishing. Traditional publishing is the most widely used by far. This is because a majority of authors usually consider traditional publishing as the most stable and effective. But traditional publishing is not the only viable option. Although self-publishing is not as widely used as traditional publishing, it is still a very effective publishing option with a great number of advantages. Here are 6 reasons to self-publish a book of your very own.


  1. Self-publishing gives you the chance to publish your book your way

If there is one setback with traditional publishing, it is the fact that it entails you to give up a majority of your book rights to your chosen publishing house. That means that you will no longer be calling the shots. Instead, it will be the editor who chooses how you will publish your book. You will have to adhere to their wishes and you will have to follow their lead on the book publishing process. But if you choose to self-publish your book, you will be in charge of the entire publishing process. You will no longer have to adhere to the wishes of any book editor. You can publish your book the way you want. You are your own boss and in full control of your book publishing destiny.



  1. You can create your own book publishing schedule

If you are looking for reasons why self-publishing is better than other options, there is the fact that your book publishing is up to you. Should you opt to publish your book traditionally, you should know that you will have to adhere to the book writing schedule of the traditional writing house. But if you opt to self-publish your book, your schedule is practically your own. You no longer have to feel pressured by an editor or a deadline. Your creative process is your own, and you can take your time throughout the writing process.  This also means that you can publish your book as soon as possible.


  1. You no longer have to print out a multitude of copies

Back in the day, most writers were apprehensive of self-publishing because they had to have a multitude of copies printed out in preparation of the book release and sales. And this proved a very risky business, because there is the risk of the books being damaged in storage and of course the added hassle of looking for storage space. But nowadays, with great services such as the print on demand services, you no longer have to take these risks. Now you can just have your book stored in digital form and only when someone wants to buy a copy would you have to get your book printed. That way you no longer have to spend a fortune on printing and storage.

why choose self-publishing


  1. You have full rights to your book royalties

Aside from having overall control of your book rights, you are also expected to get full royalties for every one of your books sold. This is one of the main differences between traditional and self-publishing. If you sign up with a traditional publishing house, you are usually expected to give up a majority of your book rights to the publishing house. But by self-publishing your work, you can expect to get full royalties for all sold books. One of the many perks of being a self-published author.


  1. You can market your book your own way

By self-publishing your work, you will also have overall control of the book marketing process. If you have your book published by a traditional publishing house you would usually have to go along with whatever the publishing house decides on. But if you choose to self-publish your work, you are given overall control of the book marketing process. This means you can decide what book marketing option is best for you. You can use social media, create your very own web site or even run your own book tour if you want. It is all up to you. All in all, it is this type of freedom that makes self-publishing worthwhile.


Reasons to Self-publish - can market your book your own way


  1. You can let loose all your creative impulses

Aside from the more obvious reasons to self-publish, one of the best reasons why you should self-publish your book is the fact that you can be as creative as you want with the whole process. Remember that one of the main reasons why people publish a book is because they want to share their creativity with the world. But due to the tediousness usually associated with traditional publishing, some people would have second thoughts. But by self-publishing your book, you are given the chance to let loose your creative impulses without being weighed down by red tape and deadlines. By self-publishing your book, you are truly given full control of your publishing destiny.