7 Self-Publishing Steps That Every Writer Should Follow!

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Self-publishing a book of your very own is an exhilarating and intimidating undertaking. It is exhilarating because you will get to publish a book of your very own, and achieve a dream that many writers share. It is also intimidating because there are so many things to take account of. And because you are self-publishing your manuscript, you are most likely going to do most of the work yourself. So before you get started on the book-publishing process, it is important that you know what it entails. Here are 7 Steps to self-publishing a book that every writer should follow.

  1. Choose a topic to write about

Before you even think of starting on the book writing process, it is important that you choose a topic to write about. The topic you choose should be unique because there are a myriad of books out there. And it would be embarrassing if your topic was similar to that of other books. So when you choose your topic, make sure that it is not a cliché. Instead, think long and hard about your topic. This is because your choice of topic can mean the difference between the success and failure of the book writing process.


  1. Get started on the manuscript

Get started on the manuscript

Before you get started on the publishing process, it is important that you write the manuscript first. What is a manuscript, though? A manuscript is the first and the unprinted version of your book. It is the rough draft of your book before it is given the printing treatment. It is during the book writing phase that your writing and book editing skills will be put to the test. When you write your manuscript, it is important that have a sort of strategy in order to make it more efficient and effective. Here are some tips to make the book writing process easier.

  • Have a writing schedule

It is a well-known fact that the writing process takes a great deal of time and work. And if you don’t have a more regimental outlook on the writing process, you might lose interest in the writing process as a whole. So it is important that you have a writing schedule to follow. By having a writing schedule, you will be able to have a more disciplined outlook on the writing process. It can be set in the morning, afternoon or evening, it does not really matter. What really matters is that you can follow it consistently.

  • Create an outline for your manuscript

Before you get started on the book writing process, it is important that you create an outline for your manuscript. An outline is like a blueprint for your manuscript that helps you keep the setting, characters, events and other aspect of the writing process organized.


  1. Edit your work religiously 

Book editing is extremely important because it ensures that your work will be in the best condition once you do a release. And seeing as readers are very picky about book editing, shabby editing can cost you the respect of potential fans. So before you even think of having your book printed, it is important that you edit your manuscript as thoroughly as possible.

It is always a good practice that you edit your work after every writing session. That way you can keep track of any mistakes and correct them as soon as possible. But no matter how good you are at book editing, it is also important that you hire a professional editor to have an even more thorough look at your manuscript. By hiring an editor, you will have great professional help and peace of mind, knowing that your work is in good hands.


  1. Create an attractive book cover

Aside from having your work edited properly, it is also important that you create a truly attractive book cover design. This is because your book cover will be the very first thing your readers will see. So if you want your readers to get interested in reading your book, it is imperative that you take your book cover design seriously. If you are an artist and can make your book cover design by yourself, then all is well and good. But if you lack the skills, it is very important that you hire a professional. Your book cover is a necessity and can even affect the course of your book marketing campaign.

self-publishing steps - Create an attractive book cover


  1. Have your book published

After all the editing and book cover design is done, now is the time to have your book published. But seeing as you are self-publishing your book, you won’t have the luxury of a publishing house printing your work. So it is imperative that you find alternative means of publishing your work. Luckily, there are some great options. The best being print on demand services. This is a type of service wherein your book is saved in eBook format, and the only time copies of your book are printed is when there is a demand for your book. This means that you will no longer have to print out your books until there is an order from a client. This saves you the trouble of printing out an entire batch of books and the added expense of storing them. All in all, this is a very safe and efficient book publishing strategy.


  1. Book Marketing is key

If you think that the work is done after you publish your book, you are sadly mistaken. In truth, the real work has just begun. This is because the book marketing process, is the most volatile and unforgiving part of the self-publishing process. This is especially true, if you are a self-publishing author. So it is imperative that you know how to publish your book as efficiently and effectively as possible. Here are some great tips on marketing your book.

  • Create your own author platform. An author platform is somewhere that you conduct your book marketing campaign. The best example of an author platform is an author blog. An author blog is an online site and is somewhere that you can post examples of your work online, and create a fan base. It is also quite affordable, which is perfect for most self-publishing authors.

  • Sell your book through online retailers. Traditional bookstores are wary of self-publishers and usually don’t sell them. So it is necessary to find other book retailers to work with. This is why you should approach online book retailers like Amazon and Goodreads. They are established and can sell your book as well as any traditional bookstore.


  1. Stay focused

steps to self-publishing stay focused

If there is one thing you should know about self-publishing a book, it is that it can get quite chaotic. This is especially true if this the first time you ever published a book. So the best advice that you can ever get while publishing a book, is to stay focused. There will be times that you will be tempted to just drop everything and quit. But if you stay focused and committed to the process, you will get through it. Just remember that all this work and struggle will all be worth it in the end.