7 Tips to Make the Self-Publishing Process More Affordable!

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Through the years there has always been a stigma that self-publishing a book is going to cost a fortune. But in truth, self-publishing a book is far more affordable than ever. With recent innovations in book printing technology and book marketing, you don’t really have to spend a fortune on self-publishing costs. All you really need is a strategy and the will to push on with the self-publishing process. Here are 7 Tips to make the self-publishing process more affordable.

  1. Print on demand services

Back in the day, the main reason why people thought self-publishing a book was too expensive was because book printing costs too much. You had to print out a multitude of books and this would cost a lot of money. And there is the fact that you had to pay for storage so that the books would be safe before distribution. There is also the added risk that the books would get damaged, or would not get sold. All in all, people largely avoided self-publishing their books because of this. But due to recent technological advances, self-publishing costs have drastically gone down. With services like print on demand, you don’t need to run these risks. The print on demand service is a process, wherein your book will be stored in digital form, and will only be printed out when there is a demand for it. This helps cut the cost of printing and storage by a significant amount.


  1. Try out the e-book format

Aside from trying out the print on demand service, one way to minimize on the book printing cost is to not print your book at all. Instead, you should try to publish your book in e-book form. By releasing your book in e-book form, you cut out the need to print out and distribute physical copies of your book. And seeing as more and more people are getting into reading in the e-Book format, you will still have a healthy book market that you can take advantage of.


try out the e-book format


  1. Have a set budget 

It is a well-known fact that self-publishing costs money. And even if it is a lot cheaper now, than it was a few decades ago, you should still expect to spend some money on the self-publishing process. The main question now though, is how much should you spend? And which aspect of the self-publishing process should you cut back on? So before you even think of getting started on the self-publishing process, you should have a set budget. This is very important, because it is quite easy to overspend during the book publishing process.


  1. Market your book as early as possible

One of the main setbacks, of self-publishing a book is the lack of resources. This is especially evident during the book marketing process. You won’t have the luxury of a roster of book marketing professionals to call on. So if you want to be competitive during the book marketing process, it is imperative that you market your book as early as possible. Before you even release your book, you should already be conducting a book marketing campaign through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This will not only make people aware of your book, it will also gradually increase your marketing reach.


book marketing


  1. Create your very own author blog

Aside from marketing your book as early as possible, it is also a good idea to create your own author blog. When it comes to book marketing, author blogs are the great equalizer. This is because author blogs are very affordable and can be maintained quite easily. It is also a great platform from where you can post examples of your work and advertise your book. You can also use your author blog to cultivate a fan base of your very own. All in all, an author blog is an affordable and efficient way to market your book.


  1. Try out self-publishing companies

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the entire process, there is really no shame in asking for help. But hiring publishing professionals can be quite expensive and there is really no way of knowing whether their skills are equal to the amount that they are asking for. This is why you should really think about signing up with self-publishing companies. These companies specifically help self-publishing authors and offer a myriad of useful and more importantly affordable services.


try out self-publishing companies


  1. Stay positive

The self-publishing process has improved through the years. But it will still be a difficult uphill climb for any newbie author. So you are really expected to put in the work and to invest a lot of your time in the self-publishing process. But as difficult as the process may be, it will still all be worth it in the end. So just stay positive throughout the process.