6 Things to Remember When You Are Writing Your First Draft!

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If you are writing a novel of your very own, you should know that every aspect of the writing process counts. And the very first draft of your novel is no exception. This is because the very first draft you write can set the tone for the rest of the writing process. And it can ultimately mean the difference between success and failure. So before you jump into the writing process and write your very first draft, you should make sure that you take these things into account. Here are 6 Things to remember when you are writing your very first draft.

  1. Have a set writing schedule

As it was stated earlier, the first draft is the very first aspect of the book writing process. And seeing as it is the beginning, it is important that you start the writing process right. One way to do this is to have a set writing schedule. By having a set writing schedule, you will not only be more organized, but you will also have a more disciplined outlook on the writing process. It is important that you choose a writing schedule that you can consistently follow. It can be in the early morning, the afternoon or in the evening. In truth, the time does not really matter. What matters is that the schedule does not get in the way of your other responsibilities and you can follow it consistently.

  1. Get your priorities straight


Before you even get started on the book writing process, you should already have your priorities straight. This is because from the very beginning of the first draft, you will already be facing a lot of obstacles. Which is why as early as the first draft, you should know the main reasons why you are writing a book. That way, you will already have a bulwark to protect yourself from any setbacks and keep you focused on your goals as a writer.

  1. Make a working outline

It is imperative that you have an efficient and effective outline. This is because the outline will be your main guide, during the early phases of the writing process. So it is important that you make your outline as detailed and easy to follow as possible. Compile all the major events, plot twists, major characters and the beginning and the ending of your book into the outline. All in all, the more detailed and well-made you make your outline, the easier the writing process will be.

  1. Flesh out your characters

Even though the first draft is a bit early, it always pays that you already start out with a cast of well fleshed out characters. This is especially true for the main character because he or she is the focal point of the story. The story is seen through the eyes of the main character, so you should really try to give the character a more nuanced and layered personality. All in all, the more fleshed out your cast of characters, the easier it will be to incorporate them into your storylines.

  1. Do your research thoroughly

Whether your book is a fantasy or a historical fiction book, it is still imperative that you do your research as thoroughly as possible. This is because readers are quite picky when it comes to facts and proper research work. So before you even get started on the first draft, it is very important that you have already done your research properly. It is also good that you compile all your facts and links, that way you will always have notes to consult during the writing process.

writing a first draft - do your research thoroughly

  1. Stay optimistic

If there is one thing you should remember while writing the first draft, it is that this is just the beginning. The first draft is only your first step to writing, printing and finally selling a book of your very own. So it is important that you have an optimistic outlook towards the writing process. Don’t look at it as a chore or a hardship. Instead, you should look at the writing process as an opportunity to share your work with the world. All in all, the more optimistic your outlook, the more enjoyable and sustainable the book writing process will be.