About Us

Book Republic is a versatile self-publishing company. We are a company that specializes in helping writers self-publish their books in eBook form.

As a company we know the complexities of the self-publishing process. It is a perilous prospect, especially for new writers. There are so many pitfalls that a new writer could fall into. Remember that self-publishing an eBook entails you to do a majority of the tasks by yourself. This includes finding a means to publish your eBook, and actually marketing and distributing it. Book Republic is more than capable of helping you with these steps.

We are fully equipped to give you the necessary services to publish, market and distribute your eBooks. We know very well how difficult it is to efficiently publish a book. There are many facets that you will have to take into account. Finishing your manuscript is just the first part of the self-publishing process. Once you send out your manuscript to be converted to an eBook, it is a totally different ball game. We have a roster of highly trained publishing professionals that have many years of experience in fulfilling self-published writer’s needs. We also have a customer service team that will ensure all your self-publishing needs are met.

Getting started on your self-publishing journey is an intimidating prospect for any writer, but with Book Republic’s help, you are one step closer to your self-publishing goals.