If you are planning on writing a book of your very own, you should try writing a nonfiction book. What is a nonfiction book though? Why should you write one? This article aims to define what a nonfiction book really is, and the genres that are available to you.

What is a nonfiction?

A nonfiction book is a kind of literature that is fact-based and is meant to give readers information that is accurate and true.  If you are going to write a nonfiction book, it is important that you do thorough research. You should make sure to list down all the research and sources that you will be citing in your work. Nonfiction books are a lot more scrutinized compared to fiction books, so you should have the facts to defend yourself just in case.

What are the types of nonfiction?

There are many genres under nonfiction that you can try out. If you are planning on writing a nonfiction book, you should know their key characteristics. Here are some great examples of nonfiction.

  • Autobiography

This kind of nonfiction recounts the life of the author. It is written in the perspective of the author, and usually follows the author’s life in chronological order. If you are planning on writing an autobiography about your life, it is important that you are as detail oriented as possible.

  • History

This form of nonfiction that is centered on a historical event, figure, or time period. It is imperative that you do as much research as possible. Readers of historical fiction are very particular about the details of a book and won’t really hesitate to call you out. You should double check the dates, the names of places, and the people that were involved in an event or historical undertaking.

  • Travel Book

This genre could be divided into two sub-genres, which are travelogue and travel guide. The travelogue category could be considered as a type of memoir where the author talks about past travels and experiences. Travel guides on the other hand are meant to act as a guide and review on a specific place.

  • Photography

If you are going to write about photography, you should make sure that your writing is as detailed as possible. You should also be careful when you use jargon. Remember that there are readers that are totally new to photography. If you are going to use jargon, you should make sure that you explain the term in a comprehensive manner.

  • Self-help

When it comes to nonfiction books, self-help is by far one of the most popular options. This genre is quite self-explanatory. It is all about self-improvement. However, this genre could encapsulate a wide variety of topics. Self-help books could be about getting healthy, making money, finding love, etc. This genre is very versatile and if done right, could change another person’s life for the better.

  • Culinary

This genre is a haven for home cooks, chefs, foodies, and food reviewers alike. You could write a cookbook, and share your recipes with the world. You could also write a book full of restaurant reviews that will act as a guide for restaurant lovers. The genre is broad, and you could write about a wide variety of topics.

  • Memoir

A memoir is quite similar to an autobiography. Like an autobiography, the author writes about his or her life. The key difference is that memoirs do not need to be in chronological order. Instead, it should cover specific moments in the author’s life. These moments should be important, and have a great impact on the author’s personal growth.

  • Health and Fitness

While some self-help books do cover the topic of health, they are nowhere near as comprehensive as actual health and fitness books. This genre is meant for authors who are very interested in health and fitness, and want to share their ideas with fellow enthusiast. If you are going to write about health and fitness, it is important that you back your words with as much research as possible. This is especially important if you are giving diet and supplement tips.


If you are going to write a nonfiction book, you should actually know what a nonfiction really is, and the types of nonfiction there are. With this article, you’ll know the important facts of nonfiction and choose the best type for you.