If you are thinking of writing a fantasy of your very own, you should make sure to create a truly unique main character. The main character is important because your readers will see the story through your character’s eyes.

Writing a main character may seem easy, however, it is quite tricky.  Remember that there are already a lot of great fantasy characters that have been written. This makes writing a truly unique fantasy character tricky. Here are seven essential tips for creating a main character for a fantasy novel.

1. Give your character unique traits

A key way to make your character stand out, is to give him or her truly unique traits. Remember that there are so many memorable fantasy characters already, so you should aim to make yours stand out. Take the time to brainstorm your character’s traits. Try to come up with traits that will be instantly equated to your character.

If you are going to choose the traits for your character, it is important that you stay away from clichés. These are concepts that have been used to a degree, that they are no longer considered original. Some readers even scoff at clichés. A great way to shake things up, is to go against the grain. Don’t use the old hero archetypes, and try to come up with a fantasy character that will both shock and delight your readers.

2. Make your character’s motivations clear

Yet another way to make a great fantasy character, is to make his or her motivations clear. Remember that you want your readers to know what your fantasy character aims to do during the story. By showing readers your character’s motivations, there will be a set path for the character to follow. Your readers will also understand your main character better.

3. Your character must be both fantastical and realistic

Remember that you are writing about a character for a fantasy novel. This means that your character must fit into the genre. So you should make sure that your character has the right fantastical elements. However, you should not go so overboard with the fantastical elements that your character no longer feels relatable.

For example, your character may live in a fantastical world, but he or she should also deal with realistic issues such as insecurity, peer pressure, grief, etc. By combining fantastical and realistic elements, you will be able to create a more balanced character.

4. World building is key

Aside from creating a character for your fantasy novel, you should also make sure to create a world that he or she could dwell in. What’s the point in creating a fantasy character if there is no place and no people for your character to interact with?

Building a world for your fantasy novel is both enjoyable and tricky. It is enjoyable because it gives you the chance to craft entire worlds with their own cultures and histories. This could be tricky because there are so many elements that you could take into account.

5. Endow your character with amazing abilities and weapons

Aside from giving your fantasy character some unique traits, you should also not forget to endow your character with some great abilities. Remember that your fantasy character is not just your run of the mill character.

Give your character truly great abilities that will have him or her stand out from the crowd. You should give your main character abilities that complement his or her personality. The abilities should also be easy to fit into the overall narrative. While the abilities should be amazing, they should not make the character too powerful, because this may unbalance the overall narrative of your story.

Aside from amazing abilities, you should endow your main character with a trademark weapon. There must be a significance to this weapon. The weapon should have a history, and should add to the backstory of your character.

6. Write a great backstory

Writing a great fantasy character could be quite tricky because you need to make your character stand out. If your fantasy character just comes out of nowhere, then your story will lack context. Take the time to show your readers where your character actually came from, and the events in the character’s life that shaped who he or she is. 

7. Build up your character’s journey

When you write about your character, it is important that you gradually build up your character’s journey. Take the time to show what obstacles your main fantasy character will have to face. You should not rush your main character into the climax of the story. Have your character go through as many challenges as possible. By doing so, your character’s ending will truly well earned.


When it comes to creating a great fantasy book, you should make sure that your fantasy character is as unique as possible. Remember that there are already so many fantasy characters written, so you should create a fantasy character that stands out.