When it comes to genres, it is not surprising that romance novels are considered some of the most popular. This is understandable because romance novels are very engrossing and thrilling for readers to read.

If you are going to write a book of your very own, you won’t go wrong with writing a romance novel. However, if you are going to write a romance novel, you should remember that it is not as easy as you think. Here are some great tips on how to write a great romance novel.

  • Choose a sub-genre wisely

Before you start writing your romance novel, you should choose a sub-genre too. While the romance genre is the main genre, it has various sub-genres that you could choose from.

Some great examples of sub-genres that you could use are historical fiction, young, fantasy, science fiction and erotica to name but a few. If you are going to choose a sub-genre, you should make sure to pattern your writing style according to it.

  • Create a great cast of characters

 Like any other novel, you should make sure that your cast of characters are as memorable as possible. Remember that your readers will see the story unfold through your character’s eyes. As a rule, you should create characters that are unique and relatable as well.

The most important characters that you will write for your romance novel, is your main couple and the antagonist. The main couple are particularly important because they will be the main focal point of the story. When you write your main couple, they should be fully-fledged characters both alone and together. You should also make sure that they have background stories, and motivations that will make readers relate and root for their romance to succeed.

If you are going to write the antagonist in your romance novel, you should not make him or her too cartoonish. Try to make your antagonist realistic and even likeable. This will make your romance novel more interesting in the long run.

  • Settings are key

When you write your romance novel, you should write your settings in the most detailed and efficient way possible. Remember, aside from your cast of characters, the settings will also set the stage for your romance novel.

For example, you want to create a romantic scene for your main couple. You don’t need to go overboard and write an overly romantic setting. However, you may still add romantic elements to your setting. This could come in the form of a location, smell, the music, or even just an item could add a particular feel to a setting.

  • The main couple must have great chemistry

Your main couple is the main focal point of your story, and their love story is the main drawing point for your readers. This means that you should make sure that your main couple has good chemistry. Remember that two characters does not become a couple out of the blue.

You should create factors that make them a good couple. Answer key questions such as: Why do they like each other? What event sparked this attraction? How much do they like one another? These small details need to be answered in order for the couple to feel as authentic as possible.

  • Be careful when writing intimate scenes

A key component of romance novels are the intimate scenes. These scenes will be expected by your readers, because physical contact is usually a part of a loving couple’s relationship.

However, if you are going to write intimate scenes for your romance novel, you should take your subgenre into consideration. For example, there must be a key difference between the intimate scenes in a young adult romance novel, and a contemporary romance novel. When you write a young novel, you should avoid writing scenes that are too sexy. You are writing for teenagers, and this will be very inappropriate. On the other hand, you could be a bit freer when writing intimate scenes for contemporary romance novels.

You must write them in a scintillating yet classy way. The scenes should be sexy, but not too much that it seems trashy. Remember, the intimate scenes are just meant to represent an act of the couple’s love.

  • Make the dialogue interesting but realistic

If you want to add more context to your romance novel, you must write your dialogue in the most interesting and realistic way possible. This is especially important when writing the dialogue between your main couple. When they talk to one another, there should be a spark. However, their conversations should not be too contrived. They must get your reader’s hearts racing, yet also sound realistic as well.

  • The ending must be as satisfying as possible

While there have been some romance novels that have chosen more tragic endings for their couples, you should strive to give your romance novel a happy and satisfying ending. Remember that your readers will have formed a rapport with your main characters.

They will usually want your main characters to have a good ending. If you don’t give your characters a good ending, your readers may get frustrated and not have good things to say about your romance novel. As a rule, you should strive to give your romance novel a complete and satisfying ending.


If you are looking for a genre to write, you should write for the romance genre. It is a fun and popular genre. But, if you are going to write a romance novel, you should have a set strategy. With these tips, you’ll be able to write a truly great romance novel of your very own.